Bosch Laser Measure GLM120 @Nairobi Westlands

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The smart solution for measuring and documenting surroundings, even outdoors

  • Digital viewfinder with zoom function allows for precision over large distances, outdoors and in complex surroundings
  • High-contrast IPS colour display provides optimal readability
  • Remote controlling for rapid measurements and Measure
  • On App for simple results documentation
  • Measures upto 120 metre range



Additional data

Dust and splash protection IP 54
Measurement time, typical < 0.5 s
Laser diode 650 nm, < 1 mW
Measurement range 0.08 – 120.00 m
Laser class 2
Measurement accuracy, typical ± 1.5 mm* (*plus use-dependent deviation)
Measurement range of incline measurement 0 – 360° (4 x 90°)
Measuring accuracy (typical) ± 0.2°* (*plus use-dependent deviation)
Measurement time, max. 4 s
Power supply 1 x 3.6 V Li-Ion battery (3120 mAh)
Automatic deactivation 5 min
Weight, approx. 0.21 kg
Units of measurement m/cm/mm/ft/inch/ft-inch
Memory capacity (values) 50
Tripod thread 1/4″
Digital viewfinder integrated
Data transfer Bluetooth™ 4.2 Low Energy
Laser colour Red
Measuring range, up to 120 m


Product Highlights

The laser measure GLM 120 C Professional is ideal for documenting surroundings and precisely measuring, even when working outdoors. The digital viewfinder allows for visual targeting in outdoor applications for distances up to 120 meters. Optimal clarity and durability are provided by the 2.8” colour display with a protective screen. Fast collection and documentation of values are made possible by the micro USB cable connection and the MeasureOn App.

Equipment & Application

This laser measure is the ultimate choice for measuring long distances, in complex surroundings and in situations of poor visibility.

The Bosch Laser Measure is a versatile and practical tool that has found numerous applications in Kenya. From construction sites to interior design projects, this handy device has proven to be an invaluable asset for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

In the construction industry, the Bosch Laser Measure is used for accurate measurements of distances, heights, and angles. Whether it’s measuring the length of walls or calculating the area of a room, this tool provides precise results with just a few clicks. This eliminates the need for manual measurements which can often be time-consuming and prone to human error.

Interior designers also benefit from using the Bosch Laser Measure in their projects. They can quickly measure spaces such as windows and door frames to ensure that furniture or decor items will fit perfectly within them. Additionally, they can use the laser measure to determine ceiling heights or create floor plans with ease.

Another industry where this tool shines is real estate. Agents can use it during property inspections to accurately measure room dimensions and assess potential renovation opportunities. This helps both buyers and sellers make informed decisions based on accurate information about a property’s size.

Even homeowners find practical uses for the Bosch Laser Measure in Kenya. From hanging picture frames at precisely measured distances apart to ensuring curtains are hung evenly across windows, this device takes away any guesswork involved in home improvement tasks.


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